The Cure

In this in case that, to be incomplete after a treatment that is one of most modern and used, and expensive, can bring a still bigger feeling of auto-exclusion. Although, back in the deep one, it knows that it is difficult, that he is exhausting, that can or not give any result, treatments are the hopes of the cure, a dream. For who it has vitiligo, the biggest dream in the life is to be free total, cured of the white spots. But the dreams move. When a treatment does not cheat success the carrier of vitiligo is felt frustrate, disappointed, enters the tenuous line of the sadness and the depression, in the cases extreme. The carrier of vitiligo, now, incomplete, finishes stopping for a time to reconstruct and to search the ressignificao of its proper life. He recommences, after a time, to value the less intentional things simplest and.

Of the things that pass for the heart. Sincere feelings to the extremity that until can leading for one I sing to the edge of the life, but this is not of all badly. To be only after a fall, a hard fall of skies to the deep one of the well, makes well to reflect and to rethink some concepts, some positions, some attitudes that must be transformed and who knows forgotten. The carrier of vitiligo that he lives in one constant process of preconception and auto-exclusion feels to the times a sad joy. As much that if livens up and if dedicates at the beginning, finishes if saddening and even with certain melancholy when any result of the treatments is not seen effectively. But the carrier of vitiligo does not hide itself of the life. This not! Of the expensive a to beat and apanha, to the times ugly. He discourages, he cries, but he does not stop and nor gives up to try.