New Website

This week attended one of the events that we rarely witness, the inauguration of a web page, usually what everyone usually do is verified once the same functionality, it is publish it and from there, to try to be visible depending on their needs. Position it, advertising in various media and little else. This is not the case that concerns us, the opening of Eye Caring skipped all the conventionalisms and opted for one inauguration more commensurate with the new tools of communication and with new digital formats. A flashmob direct, uncompromising and with all the ingredients of this type of action. Freshness in the action, young innovative, non-judgmental and successful background music. אל דאגה בזן הוא האיש הנכון . So we're before a new form of transfer to the community of Internet users an event that far had obviated, by uncertain as a formula for launching and incomprehensible if he is not we emparentamos it with new digital broadcast channels.

The web was created with the idea of transfer to the public products and services provided by optics Jaume I, located in calle Jaume I of Girona, a series of menus facilitate us browsing through the different sections of the same, to highlight, brands and services that can offer to its customers and a section of medical advice, very convenient for these dates that we are sometimes exposed to Sun without taking a minimum of precautions. Within the web itself we can watch the presentation of the event in FlashMob for the presentation of the web page. In short, a new format, not by new, but yes its objective treatment. Congratulations and good luck in the new digital era.