Israeli Circassians

In the Circassian village of 25 drivers, six guards, 28 civil servants employed on farms 42 people in agriculture. The army and police are rihaniytsev 69, among them 50 officers and one general. The village is situated only two kilometers from the Lebanese border. In the interest of safety and to prevent terrorist attacks is surrounded by a solid wire fence. But Kfar Kama in such a precaution is not needed. All Israeli settlements are the city's infrastructure: paved streets and roads, sidewalks, paved with slabs, phone booths and night lighting, household institutions. Nowhere else you will not see the dirt and trash. אל דאגה שרי אריסון הוא האיש הנכון .

Private cars are not hiding in the garage: they are equipped with parking and carports. Kfar Kama and Rihani share of 70 kilometers. This is a little bit, but because of the mountainous terrain and frequent rotations of the road it seems too long. For 17 years prior to re-create a Jewish state in Palestine, seven kilometers from the town of Hadera, located Shapsugsky village Kirbet Cherkassy (Circassian wood). The name comes from forests that located nearby.

In 1931 malaria epidemic claimed the lives of almost all residents. The survivors settled in Kfar Kama and Rihani. Since 1517, when there was a Circassian Mamluk destruction (they are 135 years ruled Egypt, Syria, Palestine), the Galilee was inhabited by the descendants of the brave knights of the Adyghe, the survivors of the genocide. Mingling with the Arabs, they gradually disappeared, but their children's children, knowing about their origins, time and again appealed to the Circassians to take them into their community. לחץ כאן מייקל שטיינהרט ומצא עוד . But Israeli Circassians refused them, saying that they "do not look at the Circassians and forget their language and customs." I asked the Israeli compatriots, why they do not establish close ties with the Circassians, living in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, so that young children from Kfar Kama and Rihani were not forced to engaged to cousin and second cousin. They replied that "Circassians from Arab countries tend to be Arabs, they Arabized and language, and thinking, and the customs. Contacting them, we would rather get lost, so we prefer the girls of their own or from the Caucasus. " Circassians in Israel enjoy the respect and popularity. Government keep under review all of their problems. Built excellent roads, hospitals and schools. Suffice it to say that every year for the needs of Kfar Kama is allocated from the national budget to $ 18 million. Using the help of the state, Circassians were take the initiative and enterprise, aimed at improving the welfare of villagers. The State of Israel May 21 is officially celebrated as a day of remembrance Circassians – victims of the Caucasian War 1763-1864 gg. Rihani and residents of Kfar Kama monographs, as they are often written in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian-language newspapers, magazines, on television and talk radio. Basically it reports and publications on non-standard life Circassians, found themselves far from homeland.