Italian Alps

' ' It counts a history that has its register in the Italian Alps, in small vilarejo that it was dedicated to the culture of grapes for wine production. A time per year, happened a great party to commemorate the success of the harvest. The tradition in that region demanded that in the party each producer of vilarejo brought a bottle of its better wine to place inside of a great barrel, that was in the central square. One of the producers thought: ' ' Why I will have to take a bottle of my purer wine? Instead of wine, I will take the bottle of the wine with water, in the way of as many bottles of wine mine will not make falta' '. Thus it thought Thus it made. As the custom, all had congregated in the square and each one with its ready mug to prove of the best wines of the region whose fame if extended very beyond the borders of the country.

However when opening the first bottle, the same one contained ' ' gua' '. They had opened to second:. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל טבע תעשיות שמבין יותר ממני. ' ' gua' ' thus all Conclusion: Much people find that its absence will not be noticed or not According to site Wikipdia ' ' Commitment is the form, public or not, of if compromising to somebody, some objective or causa.' ' (captured in 09/08/09) COMPROMETIMENTO Idem: ' ' it is a concept that I tie it describes it (…) of the individual with one instituio.' ' (commitment, action) with what it is emotional (bond, desire). In the truth, these things meet integrated so that, in the practical one, they are impossible to be separate. Here I make it as a didactic form to understand that it has colon involved in the question of the Organizacional Commitment, subject of which we are discoursing.